About Us

International News Agency is an independent and investigative news organization run by a journalism collective. Our goal is to bring you, the people of the world, the stories of those who have been victimized by discriminatory judicial practices, prejudice, police violence, institutional racism, religious bigotry and religious discrimination so that we, as a global society, can have free and open discussion surrounding these important issues that affect everyone in one way or another.

Many of our journalists choose to remain anonymous for safety reason. We are largely internet-based, international and multicultural. We are constantly growing. Most of us have other full or part time jobs,  and are contributing as much as we can as activists, journalists, authors, editors, admins and moderators.

We promise to bring you as much information regarding these important world-discussion topics as is possible. To make sure we bring you the truth, we  consider ourselves to be a constant work in progress. Our goal is to serve you, the people of the world, by bringing you the raw, unfiltered stories straight out of the mouths of those who suffer at the hands of large institutions such as churches and corporations.

Please contact us through our Contact page if you would like to become involved in our project.

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