CV-19 Deaths overinflated by mainstream media, according to CDC data


Mainstream media have been reporting Covid-19 cases as if they’re a small number that is suddenly growing exponentially. We’re seeing this more and more as states start to open up. That is far from the truth.

I will show you that they’ve been manipulating their numbers to make it appear as if we have an emergency pandemic that’s claiming so many lives, but in reality, aside from a couple small pockets in the US, there’s nothing to fear from this virus, but a lot to fear from government intrusion into, and control of our personal lives. Wherever there is authoritarian government intrusion into our lives, the rate of deaths is much higher.

On the CDC’s website, on the page titled Provisional Death Counts for Coronavirus Disease, they give the current death counts from CV-19. They also give the total deaths from all causes during the same time period. This page is updated regularly. In fact, they just updated it yesterday. It currently goes from February 1 2020 to May 16 2020. What they do is take the average death rate from years 2017 through 2019 and set that at 100. They leave New York City (NYC) out of this equation for reasons I explain in this video. Then they compare that rate to the current rate.

As of today, the nation has 3% fewer deaths than we did in previous years. 

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