Mukhtar Ibrahim, Fake Journalist, Christian Sockpuppet?

Mr. Mukhtar Ibrahim,

This is a response to your article headlined, “A look at Wisconsin’s ‘hate’ groups,” specifically in regards to your section on Samanta Roy Institute of Science and Technology. In it you write:

  • “The Shawano-based Samanta Roy Institute of Science and Technology, founded by Rama Chandra Behera, is a reclusive religious organization that owns properties, including gas stations.”

Your statement is blatantly false. It is not a “religious organization.” The Samanta Roy Institute of Science and Technology has never had anything to do with religion. In fact, as an educational organization, they have intentionally chosen to keep religion out of their school in India. As a result, Christian missionaries who wanted to get their tentacles into the organization in order to use it to further their deceit-filled, genocidal plans for India have fought hard against the Indian immigrant founder of SIST. They have set up roadblock after roadblock over the years.

To be very clear, SIST is an educational organization headquartered in Shawano, Wisconsin. It owns and operates several businesses in the area. Proceeds from those businesses go to fund and operate a school in India. Here are some of the tax records, and I’m sure that as a journalist working for Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism, you can easily obtain access to the latest ones. It is simply a matter of whether you choose to do the right thing or not, whether you choose to be truthful in your reporting or parrot lies for the Euro-American Christian supremacists in power.

You say:

  • “According to a 2011 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel profile, Behera converted from Hinduism to Christianity and then an “idiosyncratic version of Judaism” and now goes by the name Avraham Cohen.”

Use some common sense and logic, Mukhtar Ibrahim. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel never interviewed a single board member from SIST, nor did they interview SIST’s founder. Therefore, it is impossible for them to know anything about his religious beliefs. If you look at their story through a critical eye, you will see that it is replete with bias and bigotry. It is completely one-sided. They mention nothing about the educational organization’s beginnings (Here’s a hint: It was founded in the early 1990s. As an investigative journalist, you can easily look up registration here in the U.S. and in India). MJS’s article was written in 2011. When you look up SIST’s 990 from 2011, you will see that there are 25 board members listed that year, eleven in the U.S., and fourteen in India. Ask yourself, why was not a single board member of the organization interviewed? Why was none of the work they have done in India ever mentioned? Why does MJS call it a religious organization when SIST has never had anything to do with religion since its inception? Can that kind of “reporting” even be considered journalism?

As a journalism student myself, I view MJS’ article as nothing more than an addition to a decades-long Euro-American Christian supremacist smear campaign to oppress an Indian immigrant who chose to walk away from Christianity and serve his people.

You say:

  • “The Southern Poverty Law Center says his harsh treatment of his followers “led to repeated kidnappings by ‘deprogrammers’ in the 1970s and 1980s.”

To you, doesn’t that statement seem rather self-defeating? Do you always blame kidnap victims for being kidnapped? He was harsh, so his “followers” were kidnapped by others? That is ludicrous, to say the least. As a journalist striving to adhere to truth, you should know something is wrong. It is pretty obvious that kidnapping someone is not only illegal, it is morally wrong. Kidnappers don’t kidnap people for their own good. It is the kidnappers whose actions are “harsh.” The kidnappers tortured their victims. Read some of the kidnapping victim’s stories and see what they went through. Your insinuations are akin to a rapist telling their victim that the heinous crime of rape that happened to them was for their own good because the victim’s friends were “harsh.” Have you lost your mind, Mukhtar Ibrahim? You should be able to tell from that sentence alone that something isn’t right, that there is a cover-up going on.

You say:

  • The SPLC categorizes the anti-Catholic group as a “general hate” organization.”

Now let’s talk about hate. What do you believe constitutes a “hate group”? Are organizations who commit genocide considered “hate groups”?

When you go back and do your homework like any honorable journalist should, you will see that the founder of SIST did go towards Christianity for a short time. Then he became educated on what Christianity is all about. He learned that Christianity was fabricated by the Romans to conquer and subjugate people under the Roman Empire. Check out this often suppressed documentary if you really want to know some of the truth about its origins. SIST’s founder learned of Christianity’s history of destroying non-white, non-Christian peoples and countries, and its cancerous spread around the world through deceit and genocide.

  • He learned about events such as the Goan Inquisition (in India), where Catholic Inquisitor Xavier and his fellow bloodthirsty priests slaughtered tens of thousands of Hindus and Jews. Were Catholic Xavier’s priests a hate group?
  • He learned about the Holocaust in Germany and Poland where only two generations ago, German Catholic and Lutheran Nazis slaughtered millions of Jews and Gypsies (Gypsies are originally from India). Were those German Catholic and Lutheran Nazis a hate group?
  • He learned about the genocide and almost complete destruction of Native Americans by adherents of Catholicism and other Christian ideologies right here on this continent. He learned that these Christian Europeans honestly thought they had come to India, and that is why the people on this continent were called “Indians” by the Christian invaders. These Christians believed they were given the authority to do such horrendous crimes against humanity because of a Papal Bull, written by the Pope calling for Christian Dominionism, a Bull that is in full effect to this day. Were those genocidal European Christian beasts a hate group?
  • He learned of the Christian missionary plans to conquer and control India, colonialist-era plans that are still in full swing to this day. Do you consider these missionaries, the ones who are currently focused on the genocidal destruction of the thousands-of-years-old Indus culture, a hate group?

Or do you, Mukhtar Ibrahim, only label innocent people, those who have never harmed anyone, a “hate” group?

How do you think SIST’s founder felt when he learned all of this history?

As a result of learning the true history of Christianity, he walked away from it. He realized how vicious and evil that religion and culture truly was and is. That is why, in the early ’90s when he founded SIST, he chose to keep all religious ideologies out of the school’s curriculum in India. When Christian missionaries came knocking on his door offering to help fund the school, but only in exchange for allowing them to “teach the gospel” on campus, he sent them packing. He would have no part with their vicious, evil, genocidal plans.

When Leah Nelson from SPLC met with a couple of people from SIST’s board of directors, namely Roger Sindt, Rebekah Nett, and Bruce Scott, and several others, some of them did not even give out their real names. Do you know why? Because of threats made against them in 2008 and 2009 by former Shawano Mayor’s grandson and son-in-law, a police officer and sheriff deputy respectively, and other powerful people in Shawano.

Think about that for a minute, Mukhtar Ibrahim. Right here in the United States, it was not even safe to tell this so-called reporter who they really were because of death threats. And you are covering up for these types of white Christian supremacists? What kind of person are you? What kind of “Muslim” are you?

I spoke to one attendee who was suspicious of Nelson’s intentions when she came knocking on SIST’s door. Some SIST representatives had done their research and had discovered that even Alex Jones had spoken about SPLC, and had found out that they were nothing but deceit-filled hatemongers themselves, working on behalf of the Church. This man said Nelson acted like she was going to be an honest journalist, but he had a feeling she was another genocidal Christian White supremacist posing as a “journalist.” He had a sneaking suspicion that she was not there to find out the truth, but to continue the White Christian cover-up in the Shawano area. As it turns out, when their story came out, he was correct. Even though Nelson had the perfect opportunity to set the record straight, she went out of her way to smear the educational organization. For example, she misquoted Miriam Sindt multiple times in her article. She put words in Sindt’s mouth that she never said. She took things that Sindt did say completely out of context in order to twist the story into something sinister.

And, like genocidal Christians are apt to do, Nelson whitewashed Shawano’s history.

Nelson was given hundreds of documents proving the history of the local Shawano white Christian supremacist leadership and their oppression of the Indian-immigrant founder of SIST and anyone associated with him. She took dozens of pages of notes. Yet Nelson never brought any of those facts up in her “article.”

  • She never told of SIST’s property being bombed even though she received the police and ATF reports.
  • She never told of the multiple assassination attempts made against SIST’s founder or board members even though she received the police reports.
  • She never mentioned how SIST’s properties had been repeatedly vandalized at the behest of Lorna Marquardt, even though she received pictures and police reports.
  • She never mentioned the drive-by shootings at SIST-owned stores and headquarters, nor the multiple robberies at SIST-owned gas stations, even though she received police reports and pictures.
  • She never mentioned how the judges, mayor, other city officials, police and sheriff departments have all enforced a boycott of SIST-owned motels, gas stations, stores and properties. Yet she received witness testimonies to those effects.
  • She never mentioned how one police officer, Ryan Atkinson, kidnapped and brutalized SIST’s CEO in 2008, fractured her wrists, dislocated her shoulders, and denied her medical treatment. Yet she received SIST’s report on the incident, and photos of the bodily harm.
  • She never mentioned how SIST’s Ponderosa property, now razed to the ground at SIST’s expense under orders of City leaders in order to cover up the City’s crimes because it stood as a monument of what happened, was completely gutted and destroyed in 2008 while SIST employees and personnel were forced by police at gunpoint to watch helplessly from the sidewalk.
  • She never reported that the Ponderosa  tenant, William Janney of Shaw-bay in Indiana, who owed SIST over $200,000 in past-due rents, chose not to pay up,  and conspired with Shawano leadership to rob everything from the property and completely destroy the building. Nelson was given hundreds of photos, SIST reports, and video of the incident, yet she failed to mention any of it.
  • She never said anything about how USA International Raceway was strong-armed from SIST without any proper due process in a scheme orchestrated by Shawano’s then-Mayor, Lorna Marquardt, and how it was all signed off by the white Christian supremacist judge so it could be done under the color of law. Yes, Nelson was given the documentation and photos to prove this as well.

These are just the tip of the iceberg, Mukhtar Ibrahim.

How is it that you, a person of Somali heritage, someone who is supposed to be an honorable, truthful Muslim, can repeat such vicious lies and blood-libel-type smears against an innocent person, organization and people? How much have you been paid to do this dirty job for them? Are you really a Muslim? Or have you become like the European Christians, an evil traitor who would sell out your own family and your people to the modern-day Inquisitors and Crusaders for pennies? Do you think you are some type of hero for this type of fake reporting?

Let me explain something to you about hate, Mukhtar Ibrahim. Don’t be fooled. On the surface, these Christians of European heritage may treat you nice at the moment because you are doing their dirty work, but underneath they are simmering with hatred. They hate you with a passion simply because you are not white. They want you dead because you are a Muslim. Just like SIST’s founder, that is two strikes against you.

Always remember;

  • These are the people who went on Crusades and slaughtered your own fellow Muslims.
  • These are the same people who kidnapped innocent people from the continent of Africa, your own place of origin, brought them to this continent and treated them worse than animals by enslaving them.
  • These are the same people who forced Christianity on the slaves, raped men and women, raped their children, robbed them of their languages and cultures, and completely, utterly destroyed their families and proud African heritage.
  • When former slaves started to rebound after the Civil War, these are the same people who introduced drugs and guns into Black communities and designed the welfare and judicial system to re-enslave them and break up their families once again. Gary and South-side Chicago are prime examples. Go check them out for yourself and see the devastation that slavery, Christianity, and generations of living under Euro-American Christian supremacy has wrought on them.
  • These are the same people who went into your own country of origin and funded terrorism to divide your people, then invaded in the name of the “war on terror” and completely devastated the region.
  • These are the same people who are bombing and invading your own country of origin right now, destroying your people in the name of “terrorism.”
  • These are the same people who destroyed Libya.
  • These are the same people who destroyed Iraq.
  • These are the same people who destroyed Afghanistan.

Yet you called SIST, an innocent educational organization whose only goal has been, and still is, to help people in India get an education without interference from these genocidal Christian missionaries, a “hate” group?

What kind of Muslim are you? A pig-eating one who licks the toes of the Euro-American Christian supremacists for an ice cream cone? A traitor to your own family and fellow Muslims?

Be warned, these vicious Euro-American Christian monsters will chew you up and spit you out when they are done with you. It’s not the NAZIs on the street who you need to fear, it is the bosses in suits and ties who call the shots, the real NAZIs with power, the ones whispering behind your back and mocking you after assigning you this article. Those are the NAZIs  who will take you down. They are the ones feeding you pennies right now, and who will wipe you out when they’re done with you. We’re not talking about chump-change NAZIs on the street here, we’re talking about the ones sitting high on the hog wearing fancy suits and neckties while feeding you pennies so you sell your soul to them while they oversee your future and destruction.

The minute you choose not to do their bidding, they will actively work together to destroy you. People who you thought were friends will stab you in the back. Those who you thought were business partners and confidantes will rob you of everything, maybe even your life.

They have been attempting to destroy the Indian-immigrant founder of SIST for all these years, but have been unsuccessful because he learned from history and chose to speak the truth. Real power lies in the hands of those who speak truth to evil. Peace rests in the palms of those who choose not to sell their souls to Satan by speaking lies on the genocidal Euro-American Christian bigot’s behalf for a dollar and fifteen minutes of fame.

You should be ashamed of yourself, Mukhtar Ibrahim. You have chosen to speak lies. You have become the kind of person who will turn over your own family to the Christian Inquisitors and Crusaders for a few pennies, but in the end, people like you always end up the losers. One way or another, these Christians will destroy you when they’re done using you. It’s sad that you have chosen to become their puppet and do their bidding.

You were worried about the Minnesota Somali Community nicknaming you Mukhtar FBI? Should your new name really be Mukhtar the Christian Sockpuppet?

I hope you wake up before it’s too late, Mukhtar Ibrahim.


Zechariah Sindt


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