Sebastian Gorka: Trump’s Jesuit Foreign Policy Adviser

Sebastian Gorka is a member of Vitézi Rend, a jesuit/Nazi organization founded to persecute anyone who is not a White Christian in Hungary. Photo by Times of Israel
Sebastian Gorka is a member of Vitézi Rend, a jesuit/Nazi organization founded to persecute anyone who is not a White Christian in Hungary. Photo by Times of Israel

by Jesus H. Christ

On Saturday morning, August 5, 2017, just as Muslim worshipers were gathering for early morning prayers at Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington, Minnesota, a fire-bomb went off.

Nobody was injured. Asad Zaman, the executive director of the Muslim American Society of Minnesota, told CBS Minnesota the bomb was thrown through a window to inside the imam’s office. The building suffered fire and smoke damage.

Police, FBI, ATF and other government agencies say they are investigating.

Mohamed Omar, executive director of the mosque, said one witness saw a pickup truck speeding out of the parking lot. 

In the days leading up to the blast, Omar said that the mosque received numerous threatening phone calls and emails. “[It’s usually] people talking about us, telling us, accusing us that we shouldn’t be here, that we are like a burden to the community or we are like harming it,” he said.

Three days after the bombing, Sebastian Gorka, a White House national security adviser, was asked by MSNBC why President Donald Trump has been eerily silent about the bombing. It was pointed out to him that Trump has been very vocal about past terror attacks, especially if they have been blamed on “Islamic terrorists.” Gorka defended Trump’s silence on the bombing: “All initial reports are false,″ Gorka said. “You have to check them and find out who the perpetrators are. We’ve had a series of crimes committed, alleged hate crimes, by right-wing individuals in the last six months, that turned out to actually have been propagated by the left.”

“The question of who does it is a [legitimate] question, when you’ve had people fake hate crimes with some regularity in the last six months,” Gorka reiterated.

What Gorka says is true. Many initial reports are false, and sometimes the wrong side gets blamed. However, Gorka is part of the problem. Why? He’s a Jesuit-trained shill helping to cast a shadow over everything that has happened. How do we know? Look at his history and background.

Gorka’s family fled Hungary during Hungary’s supposed “Revolution,” sparked by the masters of class adversarialism, the Jesuits. He attended St Benedict’s School in west London as a child. He went on to get his Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy and theology from Heythrop, a College founded in 1614 by the Jesuits. Gorka began his rise to power with a 2008 Ph.D. awarded by little-known Corvinus University of Budapest, an institution that several scholars who spoke to Rolling Stone described as having a questionable reputation.

“Gorka’s thesis is about as legitimate as if he had been awarded it by Trump University,” UNC professor, Andrew Reynolds, told Rolling Stone. Reynolds says that of the three people who served as endorsers of Gorka’s Ph.D., two didn’t have any academic credentials whatsoever, and a third was György Schöpflin, a right-wing Hungarian politician who, Reynolds adds, was a Gorka family friend and once suggested studding a Hungarian border fence with pig heads to send a message to Muslim refugees.

Rolling Stone reported that:

Gorka’s thesis proposed a dramatic restructuring of the national-security apparatus to create a police state. He suggests a radical reform of “internal barriers between the police force, the army and various intelligence services.” This could also be seen as the start of a Gestapo-like, all-powerful national system of repression. “That’s about as Nazi Germany- or Soviet Union-like a proposal as I’ve ever heard,” says Patrick Eddington of the conservative Cato Institute. “The net effect would be to suspend the Bill of Rights, if his proposal ever saw the light of day.”

Gorka has been known to sign his name, including on his PhD dissertation, as “Sebestyen L. v. Gorka”. Experts have said the initials “L. v.” are used by those granted membership of the Order of Vitéz, or Vitézi Rend and, when they die, that membership is passed down to the oldest son. Gorka’s father was a member. Vitézi Rend is a Hungarian extremist group with ties to the Jesuits and Nazi-ism. Members eagerly helped Adolf Eichmann collect and deport more than 400,000 Hungarian Jews between May and July 1944. “Proud members of the order” who worked under László Ferenczy, a Lieutenant colonel in the Hungarian Gendarme, worked to establish the ghettos and later the attempted deportation of the Jews of Hungary in 1944. They gathered thousands of Jews at the Obuda brick factory and sent them on a death march towards Hegyeshalom near the Western border. The majority of the real estate owned by Jews who were deported after the German occupation of Hungary went to organizations supportive of the NAZI/Jesuit collaborationist regime, including the Order of Vitéz.

That, my friends, is who our White House national security adviser, Sebastian Gorka, really is.

It is no wonder that he is “waiting for investigations.” He is covering for the White Christian terrorists to hide their actions so he can somehow turn that around and pin the crime on either a “lone wolf,” or someone who is either non-White, and/or non-Christian. That is the modus operandi of these bloodthirsty, low-life Sons of Loyola. You can bet that this will be covered up from top to bottom.

Author bio:
Jesus H. Christ has returned to take his good name back from the Christians and expose them for the frauds they are. Jesus has said that he has no part with any of those “Demonic Christian religions,” and that they have nothing to do with him. Jesus says he is simply a figment of imagination hijacked by the Romans during the first century CE – one that has been used to terrify and enslave mankind ever since. He is working diligently to save mankind from destroying themselves in the name of such an evil ideology. 

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