Are Jesuits destroying Syria and Creating a Refugee Crisis?

by Jesus H. Christ

I was recently asked by a friend who lives near Paris, “Are Jesuits destroying Syria and Creating a Refugee Crisis?”

Absolutely YES. They are intentionally destroying Syria and creating an international refugee crisis.

Let’s take a look at the situation on the ground in Syria and who profits from having a refugee crisis, and then jump backwards through history to the Napoleonic wars to understand who plays both sides in order to foment chaos and destruction to garner control of the people. There is historical context for what is happening.

Twin explosions in SE Kobane, Syria, October 8th, 2014. Photo by quapan via flickr
Twin explosions in SE Kobane, Syria, October 8th, 2014. Photo by quapan via flickr
Keep in mind as you read this that it is our tax dollars funding the Middle East quagmire, and it is our young men and women unwittingly sacrificing their lives to further an agenda most of them know nothing about.
Cedrick Prakash
Cedrick Prakash

In September 2016, Cedric Prakash, an Indian Jesuit who lives in Beirut and works as advocacy and communications officer for the Jesuit Refugee Service in the Middle East, made the following statement to America Magazine (1): “Everybody knows that every single faction in this conflict milks the same cow!” Denouncing the global arms industry as “absolutely scandalous,” he said it “should be condemned by all interested groups wanting peace in the area.”

Prakash went on to glorify Pope Francis’ statements on the refugee crisis, saying that the arms industry is “drenched in blood, innocent blood.” He echoed the Pope’s statements that, “If we want to stop the war in Syria, then we have to stop the flow of arms to the different groups in conflict.” Keep in mind, Pope Francis is a known Jesuit.

Pope Francis
Pope Francis

When you hear Pope Francis’ and Prakash’s comments, the average person would believe that the Catholic Church and its loyal soldiers, those seemingly affectionate Sons of Loyola, are all about peace, love and tolerance. Right?

WRONG! In fact, the truth is quite the opposite.



Jesuits are in control of the wars, and they are in control of the refugee crisis

As has been reported on numerous occasions by multiple outlets, the flow of arms and money to Al Qaeda, ISIS, and other Middle East militant groups comes mostly from a slew of U.S. organizations by way of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Funding and arming terrorists whose sole purpose for existence is to torture and slaughter innocent civilians is an obvious crime against humanity. However, this does not mean the U.S. organizations are solely responsible for these crimes. The rabbit-hole goes much deeper than that. Let’s peer down it for a minute.

The people who call the shots are all Jesuits. For example, former Vice-President Joe Biden (9) is a Jesuit with Catholic ties (10) stretching back to his Irish roots. However, he’s not alone at the top.

John Brennan
John Brennan

The CIA head, John O. Brennan (2), is a Jesuit Fordham University graduate. Before his position as the CIA Director, he was an Advisor for the Department of Homeland Security, and before that, the Director of the National Counterterrorism Center. He has strong Jesuit ties dating back generationally through his Irish Catholic family.

Those are just two of many, many, Jesuits in our top government agencies waging relentless, but subtle war on U.S. citizens.

Brennan is the one currently calling the shots when it comes to funding and arming terrorists in Syria and the rest of the Middle East. The mercenary groups do exactly what they are told to do by their CIA masters in order to keep their money and military equipment coming in.

This is obviously creating a refugee crisis. So who sits at the top of managing that? Another Jesuit slave, Louise Arbour (4). Remember, refugees mean big money for the Catholic “refugee services” portion of their money-leeching enterprise. Arbour replaced Peter Sutherland (3) as the UN Special Representative for International Migration. The United Nations has been supposedly working to re-home refugees fleeing Syria, Iraq, and other hotbeds of Jesuit-created terror, and right in the middle of the chaos are the Catholic “refugee agencies” reaping huge profits from governments across the globe. Because Sutherland sat at the forefront of this “migration” organization from 2006 until March 2017, let’s start by discussing him and his background.

Peter Sutherland
Peter Sutherland

Sutherland holds many titles and unusual positions, but the one to take note of is his special position as a Financial Advisor to the Vatican. His frilly title? Consultor of the Extraordinary Section of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See. Now that’s a mouthful, but his job is quite simple; make sure the Vatican makes money from creating a world-wide refugee crisis by the use of terror in the name of Islam. Sutherland’s an old man now, 71 years old, obviously retirement age. He handed his baton to Louise Arbour in March 2017.

Arbour has quite the history. She attended a convent school while growing up, and then entered the Jesuit-run Collège Regina Assumpta in Montreal. From there she transferred to Université de Montréal, a sister-college to Université Laval. Laval is a Jesuit institution whose job was to churn out priests to take over Canada and destroy indigenous people during the 1800s, and their job has not changed much in the last two centuries. They still produce puppets to do the Catholic Church’s dirty work. In 2004 Arbour became the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. She prosecuted Serbian President Slobodan Milošević, a staunch Eastern Orthodox Christian and Serbian nationalist strongman. This allowed the Jesuits to regain territory (5) they had lost during WWII. Now she’s stepped in to fill Sutherland’s shoes, shipping Catholic church-approved refugees through the Balkans into Europe in order to increase tensions there.

What is the purpose of increasing tensions? Think about it for a minute.

Remember, those blood-thirsty Sons of Loyola want to impose Jesuitical right-wing fascism leading to racial and religious wars worldwide in their attempts to keep people fighting. They reap vast profits on every side of the war industry. Since the French Revolution, they have become the masters of class adversarialism. Speaking of the French Revolution, let’s check out the Napoleonic Wars to understand how Jesuit manipulations back then play into what is happening today.

An example from history: Napoleon

In Napoleon’s memoirs (6), he said, “The Jesuits are a MILITARY organisation, not a religious order. Their chief is a general of an army, not the mere father abbot of a monastery. And the aim of this organization is power – power in its most despotic exercise – absolute power, universal power, power to control the world by the volition of a single man [i.e., the Superior General of the Jesuits]….Jesuitism is the most absolute of despotisms – and at the same time the greatest and most enormous of abuses…”

Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte

To understand Napoleon’s wars you first need to understand the position of the Jesuit Order in Europe before his rise to power.

The French had kicked out the Jesuits. Louis XIV expelled them. Their expulsion was sparked off by a dispute over businesses the Jesuits were running. Portugal, under Joseph III, expelled them in 1759 for, among many other crimes, plotting to kill the king. Spain expelled them in 1767 under Charles III. All of those monarchs demanded that the Pope suppress them. So, in 1773 Pope Clement XIV suppressed the Jesuits with a Papal Bull. Then Maria Teresa, the Hapsburg Queen, expelled them from Austria.

The Jesuits, endeavoring to regain control, set up Napoleon as a puppet commander and infiltrated the Masons. The collusion between the Jesuit Order and Napoleon had to remain a secret. Many sources, such as Roman Catholic historian, Nesta Webster, mention Napoleon’s Masonic membership in the Grand Lodge of Paris. That secret nexus between the Napoleon and the Jesuits was accomplished by Illuminized Freemasonry. The connection between Jesuit Adam Weishaupt (7), his Illuminati founded in the Jesuit stronghold of Bavaria, and the French Revolution, is well-documented by many historians.

In 1717, the Jesuits revived Freemasonry and wrote the first twenty-five degrees of freemasonry in the Collège de Clermont in Paris. Later, when they were protected by Frederick the Great during their suppression in the 1780’s, they wrote the last eight degrees, set up the Supreme Council of 33rd degree, and imported the French Revolution into France via the Grand Orient Lodge in Paris. The French Revolution, the Jesuits, and Freemasonry were all working together.

Frederick the Great, the most powerful Freemason on the continent at that time, protected the Jesuits. After importing the French Revolution into Paris, the Jesuits organised the beheading of Louis XVI in revenge for the Jesuits being thrown out of France. Louis XIV was known as the bourbon King, the grandson of Louis XIV. The Jesuits then beheaded Marie Antoinette, the Hapsburg Queen and daughter of Maria Theresa, in revenge for her mother expelling the Jesuit Order from Austria. Then they used Napoleon to drive the Borganases out of Portugal, and the Bourbons out of Spain. They imprisoned the Pope for five years, humiliating him. They drove The Knights of Malta off the island of Malta because they had expelled the Jesuits in 1768.

Times Person of the Year
Times Person of the Year

Napoleon’s  advisor was a known Jesuit, Abbe Sieyes. He advised Napoleon on what to do and where to go. Napoleon’s victories were solely due to the Jesuits organizing them on his side, and organizing the defeat of his enemies on the other side. That is why he was so successful until the Jesuits sent him into Russian territory where, according to some historians, he sacrificed his troops knowing he would not win.

The Jesuits were revived by Pope Pius VII in a Papal Bull after the French revolution, and then reinstituted in the countries from which they had been expelled. From that time all the way up to the present day, the Jesuits control the Vatican, Knights of Malta, and the other powerful Catholic religious Orders. From the Napoleonic Wars, the Jesuits gained control of most of the European governments. They have increased their worldwide power-base ever since, and have now taken over many important positions in the U.S. government, including top military positions (8), the CIA, FBI, and the NSA. This leads us back to the current situation in Syria.

The Jesuits are in complete control of the ENTIRE Middle East quagmire. They are making a killing on every side of the chaos. They own the media (11), which serves to propagate their messages in the way they see fit in order to further Jesuitical right-wing fascism leading to racial and religious wars worldwide. They control almost all of the important positions in the Pentagon (12), using American troops to do their dirty work. And they use American money to fund their military ventures.

As shown in this article, the Jesuits are masters at engineering chaos around the world, and they control everything having to do with the flow of refugees. For centuries, they have created wars and backed both sides.  The wars create great chaos and suffering to the civilian populations so they are forced to leave their homes and become refugees. From there they are forced to move from one country to the next, countries who do not really want them. The countries are now in  desperate straits as to what to do with the refugees, and many people are now fighting among themselves over what to do with them. While citizens within those countries are fighting among themselves, the Jesuits are moving in on those nations, once again moving in for the kill. Kind of like the old saying goes, they kill two or more birds with one stone. A modern version, they can kill millions of people and decimate most of the world’s prosperous countries with one continuous war.

As Prakash schemingly says, “Everybody knows that every single faction in this conflict milks the same cow!” What he deceitfully holds back from everyone is that it is his organization that profits from EVERY SINGLE FACTION in this conflict. In the same way the Jesuits controlled every facet of the Napoleonic Wars, they control every facet of every current war in the Middle East, including Syria. They are solely responsible for the death, destruction and hell that has rained down upon those innocent people. And for the American troops and ISIS? They are but pawns in the Jesuit organization’s bigger game. When they’re done with the U.S. military, I’m guessing they’ll send them to attack Russia. That’s where the sent Napoleon, and I know this is material for a whole ‘nother article, but that is also where they sent Hitler’s troops when they were done with them as well.


Author bio:
Jesus H. Christ has returned to take his good name back from the Christians and expose them for the frauds they are. Jesus has said that he has no part with any of those “Demonic Christian religions,” and that they have nothing to do with him. Jesus says he is simply a figment of imagination hijacked by the Romans during the first century CE – one that has been used to terrify and enslave mankind ever since. He is working diligently to save mankind from destroying themselves in the name of such an evil ideology. 

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